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Why hire a professional copywriter?

When you crave the best chocolate bar, do you gather cocoa in the jungle? When you invest in a new website, do you try to write the copy? Many website owners think they can write their own copy and it will read just fine. This is a mistake. You may be a […]
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More press for Vegan Noms and a shout out to NYDS

The press coverage doesn’t stop for client Allison Catalani of Vegan Noms. Allison discusses her food truck odyssey and gives a […]
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    NYDS & Yaeger PR featured in Westchester County Business Journal

NYDS & Yaeger PR featured in Westchester County Business Journal

Yaeger Public Relations, a public relations firm in Yonkers, New York, has formed an alliance with New York Design Studio, also located in Yonkers, to provide its clients strategic communications, with expertise in public/media relations, advertising, web design, marketing […]
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    Announcing our partnership with leading NY Public Relations firm

Announcing our partnership with leading NY Public Relations firm

New York Design Studio is happy to announce our new alliance with Yaeger Public Relations, a leading public relations firm, also located in Yonkers, NY to provide our clients full-service strategic communications, with expertise […]
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Don’t get hacked! Protect your website from hackers.

Don’t let your website get hacked. Did you know that in 2010 alone, more than five million sites were hacked? Most site owners only start to think about security after their site gets hacked and blacklisted by Google. The […]
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6 cost-effective website updates to bring on the business

Is your website in need of a little TLC? You know your website is one of the most effective tools in your business toolbox, working for you day in and day out.  And you probably know […]
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3 Must-Have Features for Every Business Website

When you build your site right, you may rest assured that visitors are having the best possible experience—and you have ways to know what they like, where they go, and how much you’re converting them into contacts and […]
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Why is standards-compliant HTML important?

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, the World Wide Web was something of a Wild, Wild West — a mostly uncharted, unregulated and unknown medium.  Today, there are still cowboys designing websites.  Shockingly, […]
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How to set-up your Email Client (Outlook)

One of the most important steps when launching a new website is setting up your company’s email accounts. While most website hosting packages provide webmail interfaces that allow you to login to your email account through […]
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