how to set-up outlook emailOne of the most important steps when launching a new website is setting up your company’s email accounts. While most website hosting packages provide webmail interfaces that allow you to login to your email account through a web browser, many businesses prefer to set-up Email Clients on employee computers because of the benefits these application provide.

What are the benefits of using an Email Client?
One of the biggest benefits of setting up an Email Client such as Outlook is the flexibility it gives you to brand your company email by customizing fonts, adding attachments and including a custom email signature to your outgoing emails.

Setting up an Email Client such as Outlook is simple and can improve how your Company is perceived by customers, prospects, investors and others.

Ready to get started? Follow these instructions:
1.    Open Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
2.    From the menu, select “Tools” and then “Accounts.”
3.    The Email Accounts Wizard window will appear.
4.    Under “Email,” select “Add a new email account” then click “Next.”
5.    Select your server type as POP3 account then click “Next.”
6.    Enter your e-mail settings:
1.    Your Name – Fill in your full name as you would like it to appear.
2.    Email Address
3.    Account Name
4.    Password
5.    Incoming mail server  (i.e. – the server address where you will be retrieving your email from.
6.    Outgoing mail server (SMTP) — the server address that will send your email. This setting is provided by your Internet Service Provider (see table below).
7.    Click “Test Account Settings” to make sure your account is working properly. You may need to adjust some of your settings. Click “More Settings” and make changes and then click “Next.”
8.    When you have successfully set-up your account a “Congratulations” screen will appear. Click “Finish” to exit the email wizard.

Click the “Mail” tab in the “Accounts” box to see your new email client!

SMTP servers for common Internet Service Providers
•    Time Warner (Roadrunner):
•    AT&T: (DSL)
•    Optimum Online:
•    Verizon:

If you have problems with the steps above please let us know and we would be happy to help!

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