Project Description

Provide a one-stop shopping site for a writer’s many services
Launch an easy-to-navigate website that clearly delineates this writer’s diverse areas of expertise while easily leading the visitor to for-sale services and published works.

Diana wanted to convey the life of a writer on a site that is autobiographical but also professional. Designing her website came with a special challenge. Diana functions as playwright, screenwriter, scribe, teacher and branding guru.  How to unite these roles while spotlighting each?  Also, because there are always new developments in Diana’s professional life, the site must be easy to update. Finally, Diana made it very clear to us that she needed her website to sell and make money.

The newly-published site features a unique home page that introduces Diana and her many writing “hats” while allowing for updateable blog entries in featured areas. These areas work as “store windows” that attract the user to purchase her services and published works.  We also supplied a free tutorial on how to update; and moved her contacts from Constant Contact, making a viable working site.

“Have I told you how impressed I am with your work for Joe’s? Very! I’d like to ask you about designing a site for me.”
Diana Amsterdam,
“You are generous with your time and attention — more than the usual company, by far.”
Diana Amsterdam,