Project Description

Tianni is an upscale, Nuevo American bistro and lounge located in the trendy New York City neighborhood of Tribeca.

The challenge

It was important for the logo design to visually represent the restaurant’s focus on the modern, cutting edge cuisine and atmosphere that Tianni represents while also aligning the restaurant with its roots in one of the premier, trendiest neighborhoods in New York City.

The solution

Today, Tribeca is considered to be one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in America, known for many celebrity residents. It got its name in the 1970′s as the result of artist and resident organizations seeking to gain zoning status to legalize their live/work arrangements just as the SoHo Artist community had done before them. A glance at city maps showed the neighborhood encompassed a triangular area below Canal Street between Church Street and Broadway. The name Triangle Below Canal later became shortened to the acronym TriBeCa.

The wordmark mirrors the tagline “TriangleBelowCanal” on multiple levels. First the “Triangle” is represented both in the bold letter “A” in Tianni and secondly the dropped positioning to below the other letterforms alludes to the “BelowCanal.” These elements tie together the wordmark and tagline to reinforce their meaning and the significance of the restaurant’s location, neighborhood and rich history.