The notes found in an update confirmation typically do not account for items such as:

  • Often clearing cache in browser, CMS, and/or CDN to preview changes
  • Changes left in place are often the byproduct of other changes
  • Items such as typically making a backup in production of file(s) before modifying
  • Logging in and out applications/services, and cleaning up files to try to avoid stray data, etc
  • If you have one of our Managed Internet Services plans, the above time does not include what may have been or will be rendered before or as part of the request being submitted, and/or after it’s confirmed completed, such as for any planning, consulting, requesting, auditing, other testing, etc.


  • Issue(s) with what was confirmed completed? It is in the interest of all our team members to satisfy our customers by delivering a high quality of work with very competitive completion times for each and every request that we process. This is what contributes to a positive relationship between you and New York Design Studio (NYDS), as well as is part of the Update Team members compensation (judged/audited/etc for accuracy, quality of work, etc). However, as much as we want and try to get everything right (and will continue to implement processes/policies/etc to help ensure that as much as practically possible that we are), sometimes we fall short on that with the custom/manual work that we perform. If you believe that any part of your request was not processed as requested (or similar), please call our General Services Team at 877-777-9957 x701. If it is found that there was an issue (without need for interpretation, there is an “issue”), the General Services Team member can reopen your request, which will bring it back to the top of the queue (will become the “oldest” request in the queue, and thus the next request to be processed). Please note, there is absolutely no way in our system/etc to make any (even slight) adjustment to the original request (so, if there is an “issue” with how something was requested, it will not be avoided by reopening the same request).
  • In our effort to help you avoid time charges caused by email replies that are not update requests, replies will not be received by ANY NYDS team. If you would like to request any additional update(s), simply send a new request to When possible, we always recommend sending a request in the format specified at