When you crave the best chocolate bar, do you gather cocoa in the jungle?

When you invest in a new website, do you try to write the copy?

Many website owners think they can write their own copy and it will read just fine. This is a mistake. You may be a fine writer but there is a chasm between good-enough and professional.

  • Skilled copywriters know how to:
  • Find your unique voice
  • Craft a headline that inspires interest
  • Write a compelling tagline
  • Make every word work for you
  • Lucidly describe what you do—something many amateur writers overlook
  • Direct visitors to take the action you desire
  • Attract visitors by inserting keywords and buzzwords

To draw visitors and keep them coming back, professional writing is an absolute must. Here is copy from an actual website—rewritten by our copywriter Diana Amsterdam.

Tender Touch for All™
We Bring the Benefits of Massage to Veterans, Seniors and the Disabled

Tender Touch For All offers on-site massage therapy for seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and chronic conditions/illnesses at their residential or treatment centers.

We are a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life, by enhancing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities and chronic conditions/illnesses. We love making a difference in their lives!

Tender Touch for All™
501©(3) approved nonprofit organization
Massage the body, heal the spirit

Bring the benefits of massage to senior residences, veteran homes and treatment centers—and wherever people need a healing touch. Our specially-trained massage therapists visit seniors, veterans and folks with chronic illness, helping to make life a little kinder. To those who need us most, we love to bring a tender touch.

See the difference?

Here are a few of the upgrades Diana installed:

  • The tagline is emotional rather than informational. Taglines are not meant to convey content; they are meant to communicate benefit.
  • Capitalization and grammar are cleaned up.
  • “Before” repeats words—seniors, veterans, people with disabilities. “After” is ten words shorter, and a lot punchier.
  • “After” mentions an important point: specially-trained massage therapists.
  • 501©(3) information is right under the name—where it belongs.

Do your success, and our design, a favor. Hire a professional. We’re happy to provide you with a free copywriting estimate.