Project Description

Sports Turf Management Systems, LLC

Sports Turf Management Systems LLC is a sports field management company dedicated to providing the very best in athletic field and sports arena care.

STMS is committed to community pride and player safety and that commitment runs deep. STMS’s founding managers are also parents themselves. With children engaged in athletics, they knew first hand that the importance of well-maintained playing fields is about more than just aesthetics. Poor field conditions are the number #1 cause of sports related injury. It can be prevented.

The challenge

STMS wanted to develop a logo that conveyed their company’s commitment to community pride and player safety while positioning them as the economical go-to experts. The company wanted to incorporate baseball, football and soccer elements into the final logo.

The solution

The logo incorporates elements for baseball, football and soccer with the Company’s core values of quality, pride, safety and playability. The shapes found in the top half of the logo represent a soccer ball and the bottom half of the logo alludes to football field yard lines in perspective and field stripping. The bottom portion of the logo utilizes the shape of “home plate” to pull the baseball theme into the logo. When viewed as a whole, the individual elements collectively show a cheerful, sunny and well-maintained playing field — a field that is safe and the pride of a community.